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This resistor can be placed between the fan and where you connect the fan. It adds resistance to the fan which reduces the fan speed.

  • About 13cm long
  • 3 Pin Female to 4 Pin male
  • Resistor 3W47OhmJ
  • reduces RPM with +/- 15%

Please note:
Only to be used with 120mm & 140mm fans.

Bigger fans have higher power consumption and can cause the cable to overheat.

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    Cheap and robust solution.

    Posted by Gerrit Harteveld on 15th Apr 2015

    Used with Cooler Master 120mm BC Green LED Fans (A12025-12CB-3BN-F1)
    The fans are 12 V 0.16 A, the resistance of the reducer is 47 Ohms so the voltage is reduced to 7 V, just right.
    The fans are now 750-850 rpm (there is a lot of variance between the fans, this is not the fault of the reducer).
    Very robust solution, nothing can wear out or break.
    The male connector has a 4 pin connector, whereas the femal connector is 3 pins. When using a 3 pin fan the 4th pin (PWM) is not covered. You'll need either to snap that pin off with a plier or cover it with tape or shrink tubing otherwise it might short out your motherboard when it touches it.
    Doesn't look as cool as a fan controller but it's much more reliable an cheaper than dirt.

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    Fan speed reducer

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Feb 2014

    great to bring fans from 4 to 3 pin motherboard fully functional

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    good quality, good price

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Oct 2013

    not much to say, voltage reducer for fan, has a 47 Ohm 3W resisitor which is well connected. cheap price, recommended if you have a noisy fan and do not need such high airflows. i used 2 in series on a medium loaded cpu. I would recommend to watch the the temperature and make sure all is ok.

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