Cosmos II and Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition Tempered Glass Side Panel (Left) - EOL!

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Cosmos II and Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition Tempered Glass Side Panel (Left)
  • This is the last stock, when these are gone it will no longer be restocked!!
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      Bello resistente e efficiente

      Posted by Danny64 on 20th May 2018

      Come possessore di un meraviglioso cosmo 2 acquistato 6 anni fa ed ancora in perfette condizioni, ho deciso di ordinare e poi installare il pannello laterale sinistro in vetro temperato il quale ha dato un tocco di bellezza ancora maggiore al mio PC.

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      Fits perfectly with my regular cooler master cosmos II case

      Posted by RedFox on 3rd May 2018

      Nice design, well-made, can see all of my illuminated components inside the case now

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      Look and Build Quality is Amazing

      Posted by Andreas Christ on 27th Apr 2018

      Hi there all, have to say that i thought at first why do i need it. But after buying i don't regret it. I would even say do buy it! There is one simple reason, the look is amazing. My now very OLD Cosmos II had only the aluminum sides and they looked so good but this is on another level! It gives a new feeling to the Case!

      What i have to say about it, do not put it on a Cosmos II and press beyond the "klick" sound because then it will most likly being stuck inside the case! Be careful ;)

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